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Need Ipad repair? Phone Repair?  Cracked screen?  They fix it.  They are not just for Omaha... They have a nationwide mail in system! 

My husband broke my sons old Ipad 2 by dropping it.  tThe screen was smashed and chunks were cracked out. My son was devastated.   We live off disability and could not afford the high prices at places like Continental Cellular.  Continental Cellular can spot you and try to wheel and deal you the highest price.  There is now way I will ever go to continental cellular again so I typed in google Ipad screen repair.  It popped up a company I never heard of.  iFixOmaha.com.   I decided to check out their website to look around.  I asked how much in a email it would cost for an Ipad 2 screen repair and Jason told me $60  That is so much cheaper than everywhere I have checked.  I am not kidding most people go crazy with the up charge for the less electronically inclined.  Fact is I know how to repair it but I wanted it done fast and by a professional.  It is costly to repair yourself too as most know.  If your in a hurry you can put a rush on for around $35 more.  The prices run for  iPhone 4 series is $49, 5 is $69 | Most iPads cost $60.r iPhone 4 series is $49, 5 is $69 | Most iPads cost $60.  If you have had a costly break on one of your screen devices you know how expensive it is.  We love it and will do business with them again.  They are very kind and I am very thankful to have found them.  They have great customer service skills that really show.  Great cost that I actually afford on disability and they finished it within 24 hours.  That made my son the happiest kid I have seen him be in a long time.   This place is really great and I could not say enough good things to explain how I feel.  I called every where in Omaha I could find and they wanted at least 20 to 30 dollars more and that difference is big for low income people. 

Now no more letting daddy handle his Ipad.  Daddy has a bad track records with his son electronic devices.  I still need to replace his DS XL screen.  Fun Fun! Right?!?

I want to thank the cheapest and fast company named iFixomaha.com

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