Thursday, November 18, 2010

The things that bring comfort and joy to my life.

Here are some things that bring comfort and Joy into my life.

Of course I could think of many things that give me comfort and joy. Just list a few it would be, God, Family, Friends, Animals, Love and Faith. Of course there is my comfort items like my favorite soft warming blanket.

God is the biggest thing that brings me comfort and joy all through out my life. When I had times that I thought no one was there for me, God always was. Just waiting for me to lean on him.

Family, My mom has been pretty amazing through my life and I don't know what I would do with out her. She is so amazing. She believes me when other family doesn't. She is there when I need her.

More family would be my son. The most important man in my life is my son. He is amazing. He is an asperger's 8yr old that is amazingly empathic. He worries about me too much. His heart is so big and he loves everyone. He has his family and it seems like everyone pretty much adopts him in to there lives and family. He is beyond Amazing. Thank you God for this brilliant light you sent me.

Friends, well friends that who became family. Closer than most of my family. Friends that adopted me and my son into their family. They would literary help you with anything and give me great comfort and love.

My first dog Prince who broke my heart when he disappeared and never came back. To my rock my beautiful dog blacky, who was my shoulder to cry on when I didn't trust my family with my life. And, to sweetheart my beautiful dachshund who is my current dog. She brings joy and happiness to my life on a daily basis. She sleeps curled up on my side. I have been accustomed to having her there every night. If she gets up I awake. :)

My favorite pj's and blanket which keep me warm on these freezing nights. (which my dog loves my blanket as much as I do. We battle for it.) I bet we would do the same if we had a fire place. I think she might win. Hmm.. I fireplace sounds pretty comforting. What do you think?

and my annoying Hubby who through a tantrum because he wasnt on my list.. hehehehehe. love You.

I want you to think who bring you comfort and joy. Send them something (its free) to show your thinking about them. send them some tissues, link below. I hope everything will bring you comfort and joy this winter. Thank you. :)

If you do this project feel free to post in comments a link to yours because I would love to read it.

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