Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What my parents would do for their children.

My parents took me and my sister to Worlds of fun Every year. It was an expected thing by us kids. One year my parents proved how much they loved us by pushing through their pain by taking us.

One Midwest almost 100 degree day..... Mid Summer.

To start off my father had just gotten an oven at work that blew up in his face. (He was a chef) He was still recovering from his third degree burn.

My mother has a sun allergy and yet she pushes her self to take us to these places knowing that she will hurt and regret it later. She would swell twice over twice her size on her arms, legs, and hands. She would feel as if her skin was on fire with ice needles going through her body.

Well one year on the way to Worlds of Fun me and my sister where our usual selfs, over excited and getting bored by the car ride. We live in Nebraska and its about a four hour drive to Worlds of fun theme park in Kansas city.

Half way there and all was great. So we thought. "boom". "what was that?" Me and my sister asked. "Just stay in the car." My parents said as they pulled over to the shoulder. Well me and my sister where getting antsy. My father checked and told us we had a blow out. I had no idea what that was. My mom told me " It means we will need a new tire." Well my parents did not have a spare and with my father in extreme pain from his burn he decided to try to walk to the nearest gas station and get a new tire. As kids we where just worried about when we would get there. Not concentrating on the facts that our father is still too soon to be out in the sun let alone walking on the interstate in the midday heat. Or just what severe pain our mom was dealing with. My father hated to leave us at the side of the road but knew in pre-cell phone hysteria that he was our only hope. So he started walking. The heat was getting awful in the car with out air conditioning. My parents couldn't afford it but they could take their kids to have fun still. My moms hands and arms started to swell from her allergy and she was getting sick after an hour. My dad returned in a car and besides his obvious hurting he thanked the lady that gave him a ride. (he was only a block away from the gas station by time she found him.) He put the new tire on and that was it. We where back on the road to Worlds of Fun? Yes, my parents new we wanted to go so bad they still took us. We got there and enjoyed our day so much but never did I realize until writing this how much my parents suffered for us. They stayed until midnight at the park with us walking around and riding rides for us.

That is above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much mom and dad. You too were more amazing than I could ever be. I love you.

Make sure to have good tires when going on a trip and please have a cell or a spare tire.....

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