Thursday, February 17, 2011

Learning to Read is a "Blast" with ClickN KIDS!

To me Learning to read is special moment in ones life.  Once I learned to read I couldn't get enough books.  That is still true now.  So its hard for me to admit my son Timmy who has Aspergers is having real trouble with it. He knew his sounds young and forgot them all.  So we tried it by memorization of words.  He still forgets them all.  What more can I do.  The one thing my son loves so much is the computer.  So, I thought I will  try PC games.  We went through this and that I can't even count how many games or things I joined up for a year or more online.  Still, no real results.  We went from the 2 year old that could hook up a PlayStation and A boy who knew his way around the computer before three, to a boy who couldn't get the concept of reading. For one the never gives up I was so close to it.

Next thing I know I am starting my blog and its given me a way in to try new things.  While looking around for companies to sponsor me that I really like or really wanted to try I found ClickN KIDS. (Learn to Read program)  I saw all the awards they have achieved and so I figured I should write this company and see if they will let me check out the software.   I was so Happy when I got an email back saying I could test it out for a month and all it would cost is an honest review.  That is easy enough right?!?  Yes, except I have my problems with my writing skills as I have mentioned before.  I hope I can do them justice.    I signed up the kids to try it out and put it to the ultimate test.  My son Timmy.  So far He is really improving and I am amazed.  So thank you ClickNKids I just might have to continue my membership.  

My husband loses or throws away my sons worksheets I have him do.  This can be frustrating.  So with everything online and no mess or storage worries this really is a good idea for my family.  I can check his progress and watch my son learn with the ease of a computer.  So no lost papers or cards or videos to get ruined.  

Normally I am a strictly by the book but then life happens.  I have purchased curriculums that cost me 200+  I have done the favorite kids shows learning sites for another big chuck out of our daily living money.   The Programs prices are below and to me its well worth it and a bargain compared to what I am used to.  What would make it better? Monthly payment plans! For you teachers out there, they have a school program with a low price per child.  That is great.  I would know, I am a teacher in training.  

So, I would recommend this program to anyone who has kids.  If your kids needs a little help or needs a lot and its never to early to start.  For a Homeschooler like me this is a necessity.  

Current Prices are found here
ClickNRead is on sale for one time Payment  59.85 (19.95 for an additional child.) or you can split it up into 3 payments. 
ClickNSpell is on sale for one time Payment  49.95 (14.95 for an additional child)  or you can split it up into 3 payments.  

For an honest review I was given a free month trial to ClickNKids (ClickNLearn).  This is my honest review and was in no way persuaded one way or another by anyone.  

ClickN KIDS  

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