Saturday, February 26, 2011

Making your own soda with Soda Stream

Soda Stream sent me a Soda stream to Test for an Honest review.

I first tried this product a little skeptical.  How would you go about making your own soda?  With soda today your getting all chemicals but my husband is so reluctant to give up his sodas no matter what I say.  I myself have never been a fan on soda.  When we got the soda stream in the mail my husband acted like a kid who just got a present and ripped the package open so fast but then kept asking for me to read the directions and put it together.

The product consist of  a stand  with a long narrow tank of CO2.  The machine and the bottles to make your soda in.  Putting together the product was so simple a 3 year old could do it.  There is nothing difficult about this machine.  There is an amazing selection of flavors for soda or soda water.

When I got this I started thinking (oh my) the price of refilling the co2 tanks would be expensive. Then I thought of how much we pay for those 20oz sodas everyday for my son and husband.  After the math I figured the soda stream is the cheaper way.  Not only can you buy the tanks online and exchange but at many local retailers you can do the same.

Taste is another aspect I can say I was worried about.  Would my family like the home made soda taste?  I made the soda and my biggest critics loved it.  They said it actually tasted better than store bought soda.  We made the cola and root beer.  They loved it.  I made the raspberry water for me and it just was simply amazing.  Tasted crisp and just the right amount of flavor.

Health benefits to the soda stream is amazingly better.  We used purified water from our home water pitcher.  I am sure that the soda companies do not care what they put in to your water since the drink is all chemical anyways.  To my amazement they also do flavored seltzer waters.  All natural flavored bottles you add to your water with carbonation.  The only real disappointment I had was that (only a couple kinds) mainly root beer and diet did have some Artificial ingredients but they have such a huge selection of natural ingredient flavors that I would  buy and use for my family.   So, my love for this machine just keeps getting better and better.

This machine is cheaper, healthier, tastier,  and simple way for my family to enjoy their soda with out all the extreme prices and nasty chemicals. Just think about what help you will do to the environment when you stop buying all those bottles that fill and destroy our planet.  My opinion is that I am totally in love with this machine.    What will be yours?  If you own a machine or if you try this machine please respond and tell us your views.

** I was given a machine and flavors to test in exchange for my Honest opinion and was in no way persuaded by this.  I was not given any monetary compensation for this review.

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