Saturday, February 19, 2011

Stop Reacting Start Responding

I am pretty new to I only been going on the chats for a few months now.  So in this time I been hitting and missing the various shows and finding my clear favorites.  With all the good information on this site its hard to really say one show is better than the next.  Its like having your Nutritionalist  , Therapist, Mom, and all those handy people all in one.  I would recommend this therapy to anyone. 

Well now I have to admit that I have become strangely addicted to a few shows on there and hate to miss them. Who knew?  My Jewel that I found it s Stop Reacting and Start Responding.  At first with the title I had no Idea what this show would be about.  Let's face it we busy are selves so much anymore that we just are reluctant to take on more but do not want to admit we can not handle more.  I have seen all these shows that brag about what you should do on parenting and make them selves out to be this perfect parent and they can do no wrong.  With Sharon Silver its different. 

Stop Reacting and Start Responding is a show by Sharon Silver, Author/Parent Educator.  Sharon Silver gives some of the best advice I can honestly say I have ever heard from anything I have ever found online.  She admits that she was not the perfect parent.  She speaks with experience and is not preachy at all.   Surprisingly each show is different and seems to touch on something in my life.  Like each show was meant just for me.     I would recommend anyone to check it out.    So, Please Join me in the chat room as she answers our questions to our parenting difficulties.  Wed. at 1pm est, 12pm cst.  on  I know you wont regret it. 

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** This review was given by me.  I was not given anything or persuaded to give a review in anyway.  I love the show and thought others might too. 

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