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Time4Learning  is a Homeschooling website that Help parents with curriculum, 
grading, worksheets, and much more.  Its rated in the top100 by   I decided to check it out to see how my son does also  I 
need all the help I can get ..  Its not just for Home-schools. Time4Learning 
has lessons for after school or during the summer to keep the knowledge your 
child learns in school fresh in there minds.  The programs are easy and they
 have free lesson demos.  The parent forum is a good idea for me so I can keep
 in touch with other users that use the software.  This software will grow with my 
kids as they learn they are able to go to the next level.  With a wide variety of 
grade levels and activities it is hard for them to get bored. 

 My son Timmy learns best on the computer and with videos.  What kid doesn't 
love the computer? His autism makes school work a fight.   It was so much 
easier getting him to do his school work during the trial.  He wants me to
 keep the software.  Which is rarebecause he does not like to do school
 work at all.   He started the program and seems to be doing great on it. 
It seems easy for him to navigate and get to the work he needs to be doing next. 
 With his learning problems its great to see him working through the work so easily.  
I would recommend this program to friends and probably will continue my 

If you try it let me know how it works for you. 
** I was given this product free to try in exchange for a honest review of the product. 

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Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith
Joanne Smith

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