Monday, February 28, 2011

What would my son would miss about me if I was kidnapped to Mars.

So thinking about the new movie Mars needs Moms I was wondering what my son would miss about me being gone.  Mars needs Moms is a new movie where Mars kidnaps moms and the kids go to rescue their mom.  So I asked my son what would be ten things you would miss about your mom? so here it is.

The first thing I asked my son was would he miss me.  "Yes!"  He answered.  Then would you come after and rescue me? "Yes, I will.  Mommy I would rescue you."

Then I got on the subject if I was kidnapped what would miss?

First off he answered "You." It just melted my heart.

Next what would you miss that mom does for you or with you?

He said one thing he would miss is my hugs.  He started off for the first 5years of life a normal autistic child with no touching and no hugging.  Now being just barely 9 he hugs me all the time.  That is a great accomplishment and he would miss hugging me day and night before bed time.

Another morning ritual he would miss is when I wake him up I sing "Goodmorning Starshine"  I sing it especially for him and sing "the earth, the moon, the planets, Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Aiden (his fav cousin) Babylove (our oldest cat)  Chyna (youngest cat) and Sweetheart (our 2yr old dog) and Gilligan (his grandparents cat) says hello!"  It started off as the earth and he made me add each thing in over the years and it has grown with love.

Another thing he would miss is our Homeschooling time that is made around him and his love and problem areas.

Timmy said that he would miss our mommy and son time.  At least once a week me and him go places together and learn.  Sometimes its the Botanical Gardens (at our favorite part by a pond.), or the Zoo.  Sometimes we go to places for kids like the Children's Museum and Amazing Pizza Machine or Chuck e cheese.  We try to make it as fun as possible.

He also mentioned our special nature walks he would miss.  They are walks we take during spring-fall and we talk about nature.  I make nature rhyme songs that he has to figure out and he just loves it when he is in his cooperative mode.  

I change songs for him such as the Good Morning Starshine. I also have changed Santa baby to Timmy baby and sing a few lines with his name.  like "Timmy baby your an awfully good boy. Timmy baby your a handful of Joy, Timmy baby you got a lot of toys, " etc.  He really enjoys these songs I sing to him.

He says he would miss the way I smell.  I always wear Vanilla, and Jasmine.  He knows and is very familiar with these scents.

I think this is funny but he said he would miss the way I make him take his vitamins.  I really didn't think this would make it to the line up of things he would miss.  Oddly enough here it is.  I make him take his gummy bears and his Barlean's Chewables.  He loves his vitamins.

He said he would miss our family game time.  The times that mommy always makes sure he wins once in a while.  lol. Wow, I didn't know he knew that. :) What we do for our kids.

Tennis and sport time at the park.  Another fun way mom makes sure he gets his exercise and have fun with his family at the same time.

He would also really miss the times mom makes sure are all about him and enjoy all the fun we have from day to day.  We make sure we stop to smell the roses and remember that he is special and we love him.

One thing he would miss is the meals I would make him..  I make things especially for him and tailored over the years for his needs. Gluten free and other special request.   Like homemade pizza that is healthy and taste good.  He Loves my homemade ice cream especially strawberry.  His father doesn't like making things from scratch but is starting to learn.  He is very picky about his meals and has grown accustomed to mom's homemade meals.  Like Runzas, Oyster stew, Pizza, Ny Cheesecake etc.  For him being autistic and not having his rituals is a very bad idea.

So there it is.  The things my son knows he would miss about me if I was kidnapped by Martians. It's good to know that you would be missed.  Sometimes it makes all the difference in the world.

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