Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Earth Balance Review

Earth Balance Spreads are not new.  I actually have been buying them for a while.  They are all natural, Vegan (made with soy protein), and Patented.  The oil used was actually discovered by Brandeis University nutrition Scientist.  It is designed to lower (LDL)  bad cholesterol and raise (HDL) good cholesterol. No trans fat and its designed to help your body instead of hurting it.  

No you do not have sacrifice taste for nutrition.  These taste just as good as any buttery spread I have tried.  Its soft and spreads easily on your favorite treats.  Its also stable at room temperature!  If you are like me you let things go bad in the fridge then this is great news.  I do not like storing my butters and etc in the fridge because they absorb everything into their taste.  

Don't just take my word for it.  check this out.  Earth Balance is used by world class chefs such as Ellen's and Oprah's chef (One of the best in the country) Chef Tal Ronnen!  The Urban chef rates it a 5 out of 5.  

Earth Balance is a great way to get your favorite taste and stay healthy at the same time.  Available at most stores with health food/ organic sections like Whole foods or smaller chains.  

I was given Two free  product coupons for a Honest Review!  Also I was given 1 free coupons that where given to LIsa Hendrich who one them at my mom ambassador group.. 

**I recieved no monetary compensation for my review.  Its just my honest opinion and was not wavered by the free products. 

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