Thursday, March 3, 2011

Healthy Tips from momofbestbaby

Momofbestbabies Health Tips!

1.  Eat your flax!  Flax Seed (grounded) Has Great health benefits.  They are extremely high in Omega 3.  They are also outstandingly high in Antioxidants.  They have been shown to help greatly with cholesterol. This site also states that it helps to fight cancer I use flax in most of my cooking.

2.  Get at least 25g of fiber a day!  Woman should get around 25 grams a day and Men 38. Fiber keeps your weight under control.  Fiber helps relieve constipation.

3. Drink plenty of water! Water help you fill up faster and sometimes being thirsty make you feel hungry.  Your body is mostly water. It helps transport nutrients  to your blood. It also helps protect the body.  There is a reason why we would die from dehydration.

4.  Take Multivitamins!  especially when you can not get all your nutrients from you food.  Your body needs so many vitamins to run.  B vitamins are great for energy and mood.

5.  Walk!  Walking helps the body to get ready to move. As Newton's law says " A body at rest tends to stay at rest..." Getting 30 minutes of moderate exercise can make all the difference.

6.  Do not eat fast food!  Yes, we are always on the go and its fast, easy, and taste good.  The things you are doing to your body have severe consequences.

7.  Eat more Whole Foods!  Whole foods that are natural or organic (uncooked foods, Fruits, vegs, legumes, nuts.)  These all have so much more vitamins then the cooked and processed form.  We need all the help we can get.

8.  You can eat Chocolate in Moderation (especially Dark).  It is extremely high in antioxidants and has numerous health benefits.  It has been said that it ignites the kidneys.  And helps lower blood pressure.

9.  Spend some happy time with your family!  Do some great activities and or sports.  It raises all of your physical activity and the time together.  Family that do stuff together turn out better.

10.  Do not drink processed sodas!  Drink Natural or organic ones.  Soda's are so artificial and so bad for you especially the diet ones.

Well there are some of my top tips for your heatlh.  I really do abide by these and practice what I preach.  I hope they can help you.

I think I deserve the Treadmill because I believe in health and walking is about the only exercise I can do with my back and knees.  A treadmill would be so great for me and my son (who are both overweight.)  He is autistic so going out to walk isn't always good.  He gets overloaded. I have no workout equipment and dont even have much furniture so I would cherish this so much.

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