Thursday, March 31, 2011

VPX Review

Watch out girls!  We have a energy drink made for us!  Vpx Redline Princess is a energy drink made for woman and contains 2 doses in one 8 oz bottle.  They come in three flavors Exotic Fruit, Grape, and Green Apple.  

I have tried many energy drinks before but most energy drinks are for anyone.  More energy drinks tend to be for men.  Most taste chemically when you drink it or are super sour.  They give you a quick if any boost and leave you crashed right away.  Not Redline Princess. On the bottle they say its university proven to burn 75% More Fat.  Not only does it Give you energy but it helps you burn fat and speed up your metabolism.  

An energy drink far beyond the others.  This energy drink rev's you up fast. It worked so fast I couldn't believe it.  It kept me going for a several hours.   It's amazing.  I gave out Redline princess to my Moms group and it was unanimous.  It was a hit.  The only down fall is two of the moms came down with the shakes when they drank it.  The just lightened up the dosage and where fine.  Everyone loved the taste and admitted to a real energy high with no crash.  Only a gradual cool down.  

VPX also makes Coco fit, a hydrating super beverage.  It's infused with Omega 3's and 1000 IU Vitamin D3.  Each bottle had 16.2 fl oz.  They are made with Purified water and fruit juice. Sweetened with Stevia a plant based sweetener. Coco fit contains 300% LESS sugar per ounce than many leading coconut water brands.  Contains more than 30% Juice from concentrate.  

We tried it in our group and got great results.  I personally think its great.  It seems to hydrate fast.  The taste was good and not overly sweetened.  Its like drinking flavored water but it hydrates better.  It's a great cool down after you hard workout or a long day at the park with the family.  My group raved about this product to me and only one did not like the taste.   She did admit the product works and would love to try a different flavor.  

Vpx gave us a third product to try, Power Hit Protein Candy.  Its 33g (100%) of protein packed in a 3 fl oz bottle.  Its another drink even though its called candy.  

Most of us know that we need more protein to help us build a lean muscle mass.  These little bottles pack a punch.  Fruit flavored protein instead of nasty tasting protein bars.  

Our group mostly loved this one.  A few had mixed emotions  Two people turned down the offer unfortunately because it was artificially flavored.  It taste good with out a bad aftertaste.  I really do prefer this over some of the protein bars I have tried.  It was loved all around by most in my group.  

My mom group would love to thank VPX for allowing us to have a big sampling event.  It was really appreciated.  

**I was given products for me and my mom group to try and review.  Our opinions expressed where not influenced by the free product and we did not receive any monetary compensation. 

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