Monday, April 18, 2011

Cool Gear Review

I love my drink containers but I am worried about my family getting chemicals that are harmful like BPA.  That is why I contacted Cool Gear.  They have a line of BPA FREE products that looked very interesting.  I am all about my cute cups and fell in love with these right away.  .           

My Favorite is the EZ-Freeze® Water filtration bottle
24oz Pure™

I love this cute little bottle.  It filters as you drink.  Also it has a detachable cooling stick that you just pop in your freezer.  This is so perfect for my on the go self.  I can just pop the chiller in with the filter and fill it up with tap water.  It is so easy, eco friendly, and just simply fantastic.  The most unique thing about this is the filter.  It filters as I drink instead of me having to feel up my Brita and waiting for it to filter.  This bottle is easy to carry along for workouts or trail walking.  I do not know how I honestly got on with out this before. (by the way my son and nephew both still this from me every chance the get!)

Aluminum water bottle
20oz Blue Skull

The stainless steel drink cups are also very unique and handy.  My son loves it so much and takes it everywhere with him.  Fun designs make it cool for him to carry his water bottle and it gives me peace knowing he is not getting any harmful chemicals like BPA in his water.  He has dropped it so many times that he is amazed that it does not have a single dent.  Gotta love Stainless steel for kids (especially dare devil boys!)

Eco 2 Go™
20oz Chiller

The wonderful Eco 2 Go chillers containers are just like you find in your high end coffee stores.  They are BPA FREE and Keep your drinks cool while having a sturdy container.  The store containers contain BPA and are so flimsy that your drink can get crushed or spill but not the Cool Gear Chiller.  It is a very thick and sturdy cup that stands up to my accident prone family.  The lid screws on tight and is just a wonderful invention.  I use it almost every day for my Iced Coffee and Iced Tea.  

I have not tired their new thing but I know I will get my son one soon.  What kid would not want to create their own bottle?  A bottle with a cool design so they will not be embarrassed to take it with them and us moms have the satisfaction of knowing they have one less harmful chemical in their diet. I think this is a wonderful idea for a creative child.  Let your kids be themselves and express themselves with an adorable and non expensive bottle.

Where to buy? If you are in the USA just click here 
They are also sold in many stores like Shopko!

**Thank you to Cool Gear for sending me these three wonderful items.  I did not recieve and monetary compensation for my honest review.

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