Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am so not used to boys styles!

My son is very unique but very boyish in his style.  I grew up a tomboy but still that did not prepare me for him.  I had one sister who was a girly girl so I really was new to boys styles and clothing.  My son loves just about anything (unless I like it.)and is very laid back.

When I take him to the mall he picks out mostly skater styles.  I could be at fault for that because that is how I dressed him for his first 4 years of life. Once and a while I did dress him preppy.   Now though he goes straight to the baggy jeans and skater shirts and shorts.  I miss when I had a say in his style.  Me and him usually fight over what "fits" him.  He likes it a few sizes big.  I try and tell him its too big but he just grabs it and walks away. I guess I really should give him more freedom in style since he is not hurting anyone with his style.  Trying to be calm and pick my battles I go for something nice to sneak in the pile of clothes. We have to go to the designer shoes though.  He loves Adidas and currently has a pair of Beckham shoes from his grandparents.   He also loves anything monster and alien especially in shirts   He will wear an occasional polo from the mall.

 Truly I think he sometimes would wear just anything.  One day I caught him just throwing on a holy pair of jeans and shirt for going out.  I was not having it.   I made him change the clothes and threw the holy ones out.  I really did not expect this battle of clothes at such a young age.  I do buy my son some dress clothes but they usually end up missing from his closet.  This is a no win situation because I think his father is the one who really hides the clothes or throws them out.  My husband is the same way.  He does not care about appearances.

I guess I could attribute some of his style to him being autistic.  He only likes what feels comfortable and moves from there.  I do not want to push him to far from his comfort zones.  Most autistic parents knows where that will lead.  Meltdown!  More than I like I give in to his baggy style.

There you go.  My son's style and my battle of wills with him.  Though like I said I do give in because of his autism and really go with the flow.  As long as he is not wearing anything obscene, I should be happy... Right!?

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