Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Why I really, Really want to visit Virginia Beach.

Why wouldn't anyone want to visit Virginia Beach?  It is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  I dream of returning there someday.  Anyways here are my top ten reasons I want to visit Virginia Beach.

1.  I been there once as a teenager and it was beautiful beyond words. I was 16 and dream daily about returning someday with my family.

2.  My son has never seen the ocean!  My son has been begging to see the ocean since his younger cousin beat him to it.  I tell him of all the fantastic things you can find beneath the waves.

3.  We never get a vacation.  Me and my husband never even got a honeymoon let alone a vacation ever.  We are REALLY low income and can not afford one.  :(

4.  My husband wants to go parasailing.  Crazy enough but if we ever get to go I might try it too.  I am crazy like that.  I love rollercoasters but hate Ferris wheels. Funny huh? I am a adrenaline junkie not a near death junkie. :)

5.  I want to go early morning shell collecting with my son like I once got to do.  It makes memories that last forever.Watching the sun rise over the ocean is something straight out of a fairy tale.  Spectacular horizons is another great thing about Virginia Beach.

6.  Because they have one Awesome Aquarium.  I was studying in college to become a marine biologist and my dream crashed down because I didn't have the resources and of  course I live in the midwest.

7.  My husband is a fishing nut!  They have awesome fishing and he loves ocean fishting.

8.  I want to give my son a family trip that means something.  It is kind of a tradition.  I been there and he want to go too.

9. We have always wanted to learn how to surf!  Who doesn't?  I remember watching Gidget movies and wishing that was me.

10.  First Landing State Park.  It is a great park with fun family activities.  It is also a famous historical site.  I love history and always excelled in it.

There is a lot more reasons why I would love to go but I think I will stick with that for now.  So many dreams would come true if I ever get to visit again.  My family vacation and honeymoon I never got.  Sweet dreams and Happy thoughts.  I can feel the rush already just thinking about it.  Virgina Beach is one of my all time top places I want to visit.  Hope I get to visit again some day.

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