Sunday, September 18, 2011

Navitas Naturals Review

Navitas has made quite a name for themselves.  They been on CNN and Oprah and more. They have a huge selection of products from dried fruit to nuts. If you didn't already know there name means Energy in Latin.   Great recipes and Healthy products is what put them on my Radar.  (Natural helps too! love naturals!

What we got to try:  We first off tried the Trail mix which had 3 Berries, Cashews, and Cacao Nibs.This was so good my mom kept asking for me.  I have to get her some. :)  One of the berries where a lil sour but the other flavors where amazing.  Great Texture and flavor that my 9 yr old son loved too.

Just Cacao Nibs are the next thing we tried.  They where so good like eating pure chocolate with out the artificial junk weighing you down. These are a snack I do not mind my son eating.  (in moderation that is!)

Cacao Lip Balm, Yumm! My lips never smelt so delicious.  I  lasted for hours and was a very powerful choco sent!  Another product I love and made my lips smooth.  Caution this lip Balm will have chocolate lovers after your lips!!!!!

Here is a cool video I got off their YouTube channel.  It is about the Cacao...

The views in this review are my own.  While I did receive products in exchange for an Honest review, I received no Monetary Compensation. Thanks for reading my Review and feel free to comment.. Thanks!

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  1. The Cocoa Nibs and the Trail Mix sound delicious! Thanks for the review. I'll look for these products next time I go to the store.


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