Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Yours Pottery

It's Yours Pottery.   I was given a $25 dollar GC to try out It's Yours Pottery.  We decided to go Saturday so I could take my nephew with my son to try it out.   I went in and was amazed by the selection of items you can choose to paint.  Prices are various from small stars .50c to more pricey items.  They have painting, baking and glaze  fee of  $5 dollars per child and $8 dollars per adult.  You sit at a table and pick your pottery piece and paint.  Then all the fun starts.

My son decided to paint a Monster.  He mixed many of the 60 color choices available.  He made a tongue sticking out as you can see. This is a finished before bake product.  They call you in about a week to pick up the finished product.  My son is autistic and rarely sits down long enough to paint anything but he actually wanted to do more pottery after this one.  He picked out the large pottery piece (a castle) he wants to do next time.

My Nephew (5yrs) wanted the kitten.  He had a blast.  He rarely sits and gets bored easy. Well he didn't on this.  By the time we left he had picked out over 3 pieces he wanted to do next time.  This is a wonderful bonding experience for your family.  We loved the artistic outcome and the kids were very proud of the amazing work of art they created.  I would highly recommend trying this with your family.  They also have great adult pieces such as plates, cups and bowls.  We will be going back as soon as possible.  Thank you to USFamily and It's Yours Pottery for giving my family this fun activity.

Not bad to make an amazingly one of a kind art masterpiece.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ UPDATE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I got the peices back and here are the lovely pics!!!

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