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Creation Station in Omaha Review

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Nestled in a small shopping area is a wonderful and fun little place called Creation Station.  It is a family owned operation that allows children and adults to explore their creativity.   They are wonderfully priced and very affordable compared to other Pottery painting places in or around the Omaha area.

  Looking for fun?  I Highly recommend them!

Painting prices are $5 for kids and $8 for Adults.  Includes:  "Includes paints, supplies, as much time as you need in the studio and firing!"

Then you pick your piece and one lovely thing I think is great is they ask the parent to make sure the price is ok.  That is really great because my boys where aiming for big pieces not in my budget.  The smaller pieces make it where I can visit multiple times a year and let the boys get carried away by Creativity.

Me and My family went to try out this place that I found in a google search engine.  The wonderful owner of the shop agreed to a free session in exchange for an honest review.  First off you walk in and they let you pick out your pottery piece and find a seat.  They also have private rooms in case you are in need of personal space or quiet time.  (My son is Autistic and is on the Asperger's side so this is really great.)  The kids picked out the pottery pieces and went to our private room.  Then the staff comes in and ask the children what colors they would like.  Yes, They wait on you and your kids.  (My nephew loved the comfy soft seats.)  The kids can choose as many colors as they can think off.  The kids were nothing but smiles after that.  They where painting and enjoying themselves.  (Most know that I was almost a Early Childhood Educator.  I took the schooling just never finished. )  I know there is nothing like a child getting to use their creative side.

The pieces are amazingly priced I saw ones as cheap as $7 and the perfect sized ones for my kids where around the $9-$11 price range for tot and kids pottery.

I want to thank the wonderful family and Staff because the kids can not wait to return and do it again.  The Staff was amazing.  Timmy loved being waited on.  They check on you frequently to see how everything is and to see if you have questions or need new paint.  One thing I also loved was they do things with  special needs kids and are doing future things with Autistic Children and other groups.  They made it that much better of an experience.

Now we wait for pick up which is a much shorter time compared to other studios.  They take about a week and to me that is perfect!  The kids are dying to know what their finished project looks like.  I will have final pictures posted as soon as we get them!

Looking for amazing family time and being creative at the same time?  I highly recommend Creation Station located at: 

8037 So. 83rd Ave. LaVista,NE 68128

About: (quoted from site)
" Creation Station opened in December of 2010.  We are a paint your own pottery studio!  Designed to create an atmosphere of fun while building relationships!  Fun for all ages!
Pick your piece,from our selection of bisque!
Pick your paint, everyone has their own colors!
Prepare to create a beautiful heirloom and memory!
We offer discounts on all parties of 8 or more.
PARTIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS! Birthdays, Bridal showers, Baby showers, or office parties.
Studio fees 18yrs and older $8
                   17yrs and younger $5
Includes paints, supplies, as much time as you need in the studio and firing!
Bisque for any budget $5-$50 plus tax"

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 ~~ I received a session for my Nephew and Son and two cute objects free in exchange for an honest review.  No monetary compensation was received for this review.

Disclaimer~The above are my honest opinions and where in no way persuaded.  I would rather not post then post a lie.  So if I do not post it. I had a problem with it. If I post it then it was truly amazing.

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