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Skinny Jane's "Skinny Burn" Review + Giveaway

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

My thoughts:  I started the process that goes along with taking Skinny Jane Skinny Burn.  This product is taken along with a strict diet plan that really helps.   It is very low calorie diet that you stick to so the skinny burn can help you lose the weight.  This product really does work. One thing I really love is all the great stuff in this product, that was what made me really want to try it.  ( I am real hard person to convince that a there is an easy way to lose weight.  There is no easy way! It is done with hard work and great products!)  Two weeks in this product started working for me within the first two weeks I lost 10 lbs. I am a rebounder and it all comes back. I try and try to lose it.  So far I have lost 10 lbs and kept them off in a three week period.  The product works really well and has great ingredients that are often recommended to help weight loss..  Can you imagine my excitement?  My body can not take much. I am severely disabled with Arthritis, fibro, and other health issues that limit my movement.  This is a really big deal for me! If not for the pain I would of been jumping up and down.  In the end I really like these pills and I have real results! 
Have you ever tried Skinny Burn? Let me know if you do or have previously so we can share our journey together! 

 I really am amazed that I have kept the weight off thus far and hope to lose more since I am heavy and over weight.  Happy, just does not cut it I am overjoyed to have a great start to my weight loss journey that I will keep you up to date on my future weight loss.    I will keep you tuned even though I am almost out of the pills.  Who knows maybe I get to try more or other products from skinny jane ;) 

Product Info from Skinny Jane:
Skinny Burn won’t give you the jitters like so many other weight loss products. However, it will give you the energy you need to stay focused and motivated to lose weight and stay on track. 
Whether you are just starting your weight loss plan or you are trying to lose that last 10lbs., Skinny Burn will help you! 
        * Speeds metabolism
* Burns body fat
     * Reduces cravings
                        * Gives you energy without jitters

Want to Purchase this product?? Get it here! Also, I encourage you to check out the info and make sure this is right for you.  
The give away is for a 50% off code so make sure you want to enter this contest. 
Now let's get to the good stuff! A giveaway! Woo hoo. I love being able to give away! Just enter here. 
Other success stories:

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.
~~ my results are from limited movement exercise and diet and of course this great product! 
Now do not get me wrong but I am a big  no no with artificial sweeteners but sugar can be just as bad in other ways on your body  I just wanted that out in the air since I am not a fan of either.    ( I stuck with the process for the most part but I will not eat sugar free products.  That was a simple substitution, I just used real fruit with no sweeteners.  I make my own jelly without all the sugar. )

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