Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Exercise does not have to be Scary!

My misconceptions of exercise was it had to a crazy mess that nearly kills you like on biggest loser.  Yes, I really thought that.  If you are like me and can not wrap around the idea that work outs can be easy.  My thought has been blown away.  We do not have to avoid exercise or fear it.  It is as simple as you want to make it.  

Let me tell you how I figured this out.  There are people out there that does what their body tells them and they lose weight without running miles or doing cardio.  I found out you can do simple workouts for under one hour a day and be healthy.  Sometimes being overweight does not mean your unhealthy.  You need to find your happy place for working out.  Mine is Stretching with standing pushups and walking.  It really is that simple. 

Please do not fear workout.  I once was around 170 or 180 but I walked over 10 miles a day.  Now I have more issues due to my tremors getting worse. ( My doctor mentioned it could be the start of Parkinson's.)  Life can be horrible when your body works against you.... Yet, I still found my happy place with working out and if I can so can you! 

My first pick was swimming. I could swim all day but can not afford a gym membership. :(

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