Saturday, October 18, 2014

Air Bac Back Packs Review

Air Bac is a great company... With that said I love this back pack.  It has an air bag in it to help with the stress on your back.  I actually had to feel it up with my air pump.  The bags themselves are very sturdy and we have over tested this one now.  We walk everywhere!  I use it for my son and I for walking at the zoo.  We use it for picnics, walks to the store, hiking, and everything.. Over all it really did seem to take a little weight off my back and I tend to overload.  My back is bad and could use all the help I can get.  Light and easy to use and clean.  We all love it. 

Our Story

The Story Behind AIRBAC™

In 2005, Troy Christy, an inventor, observed the local children dragging their heavy backpacks to and from school. Realizing the potential harm these heavy backpacks could cause their delicate developing backs, he went to work in his garage to create “the lift back.” - a modified bookbag with a blood pressure device sewn into its back. When pumped with air, the backpack began to lift upright, which moved the weight to a more back-friendly position and lightened the load. 

Many revisions later, AIRBAC™, as the backpack became known, went into mass production and became an instant success. Parents would tell other parents about it; kids would tell their friends, and before you knew it, AIRBAC™ grew in popularity. Soon after, even chiropractors noticed the benefits AIRBAC™ could provide their patients and would sell it from catalogues. 

Today, less than a decade later, AIRBAC™ is the backpack of choice for hikers, business executives, photographers, students, and everyone who wants to lessen the load of carrying laptops, books, camera equipment, and lots more.

AIRBAC™ - The Solution To A Heavy Backpack
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