Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Green Air Aroma Mister Diffuser Review


Life really is better when you stop to smell the roses.  Make that any organic or natural scent!   Each has it own unique scent and properties. Relax, Breathe, Smell your favorite scent fast and with only a small amount of oil.  Transport with memories and let your house rejoice with fresh scents.  Are you a earthy scents? Pine, and forest scents?  Are you a sweet person with Vanilla, or a Romance person with Sandalwood and Rose?   You set your scent and your scene and turn your house into a personal spa.

The Aroma Mister is a great starter diffuser.  It has a cute cone shape that glows changing colors as it lets out a great steady stream of cool mist and scents.  This model is extremely sturdy and is well worth the price.

Take the cone off fill water to line and add aprox 5 drops of essential oils and you replace on to the base and turn on!  It is that simple.  Not only is that easy but it almost instantly fills your room with the most wonderful scents.  Currently My rooms are full of eucalyptus since we are still sick for about a month.  We breathe easy and healthier with the help of essential oil diffusers.  Essential oils can really improve your life.  (Like Lavender for stress or insomnia)  This would be then the perfect tool for your relief.  I have never seen a better brand of diffusers. 

Popular cold Oils: Oregano, Eucalyptus, Cloves and many more. 



Disperses beneficial aromatherapy oils into a micro-fine mist.
An innovative and unique design in home decor and modern science are merged into one new diffuser.
AromaMister utilizes high frequency ultrasonic electrical vibrations to disperse the water and essential oil
out of the top vent into a fine, aromatherapy spray.

 Owners Manual

AromaMister’s 180 ml water tank runs up to 6 hours and has 6 rotating LED lights that change into 4 colors automatically.
Add 5 drops of
Essential Oils for aromatherapy

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