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Healthy Living Organic Spirulina Review

Healthy Living Organic Spirulina is a Superfood.  It is a Blue Green Algae that has enormous vitamin levels.  It is used to treat many forms of diseases such as diabetes, weight loss, depression and women issues.   It is chocked full of vitamins such as B vitamins and Iron.  It is considered a superfood around the world.  It does have a very odd taste but it is easily hidden in baking and cooking recipes.  I use it in pizza crust.  You really feel healthier when you consume spirulina.  More vigorous and lively are two things I feel when taking this regularly.  I can not get enough..

What is Spirulina? 
Spirulina is type of algae that grows in tropical and subtropical bodies of water.

What are it's uses?
(quoted from WebMD)
“Blue-green algae” describes a large and diverse group of simple, plant-like organisms found in salt water and some large fresh water lakes.

Blue-green algae products are used for many conditions, but so far, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to determine whether or not they are effective for any of them.

Blue-green algae are used as a source of dietary protein, B-vitamins, and iron. They are also used for weight loss, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), hayfever, diabetes, stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and other women’s health issues.

Some people use blue-green algae for treating precancerous growths inside the mouth, boosting the immune system, improving memory, increasing energy and metabolism, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease, healing wounds, and improving digestion and bowel health.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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