Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dream Team Pets Review

Dream Team Pets is a great product that helps your child feel braver and learn to be able to soothe themselves.  It teaches Bravery, Confidence, Routine, and Independence.  You get a small to med sized stuffed animal of your choice.  Select from three varieties that can be seen below.   I recommend letting your child choose for best results. (my son choose the Lion.)  Then let your child train his/or her pet and read them the story.  It is so cute.

I really love the idea of these pets.  It helps your child feel braver and not worry about what can get them in the dark and I wish I would of had something like this as a child.   It is a sturdy made stuffed animals that is cutely detailed even with a dream time emblem.  It comes with a certificate, book, and stickers.  My son loved everything about it and it seems to really work.

They are sold on

Below is quoted from
Teach your child to sleep more soundly.
Sleep issues affect thousands of children across the United States. From nightmares to inconsistent bedtime routines, your child’s sleep is an important part of their overall health.
A Dream Team Pet will help your child sleep train and gain confidence at bedtime. Instead of being worried about the monsters under the bed, your child will know that their Dream Team Pet will be there to help them get back to sleep.
Experts agree that sound sleep starts with a well-established bedtime routine. After you tuck your child into bed, read the book, and train your Dream Team Pet, they’ll be sleeping soundly in no time. Adding a star to your Pet’s Certificate of Training for every good night also helps your child acclimate to the new routine in a rewarding way.
As your child trains their Dream Team Pet to protect their sleep each night, they’re also training themselves to self-soothe and get back to sleep. Once your Pet’s Certificate of Training is filled up with gold stars, your child is ready to make it through the night without interruptions while their Dream Team Pet stands guard.

I have tried this product and gotten results otherwise I would of not posted it.  I rather get in trouble with a company than posting something I feel does not work. 

 ~~Disclaimer: I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~

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