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Brieftons InstantVeg Vegetable Spiralizer

Brieftons InstantVeg Vegetable Spiralizer.

I love this awesome little spiralizer.  It is so much nicer than the hour glass shaped ones.  It is high quality and just that much better.  It is very thick plastic and it holds up very good.  This product does that much better took when using with veggies.  It makes multiple designs and it just makes the veggies look so beautiful!  

Why I like it.  Well beside the quality it does make veggies fun again for the whole family.  Variety is the spice of life right?!!!! I agree so this is fun to use and make.  My son loves it too but I never really had a hard time getting him to eat his veggies but he likes to make them too now.  He is 12 and learning to cook from mommy.  I think the best thing is to get your kids involved in cooking so they have more love for what they are eating.  It really makes the difference.

So many families now are actually learning what is wrong with processed and pre-made foods.   Just the though of that makes me ecstatic.  America needs a wake up call.  We have so much in our food that is band in most of the other countries.  If they will not feed it to their families then why should we?  This is a perfect way to make your family wiser and healthier with a first step..

Product Description
Looking For An Easy Way To Eat More Vegetables For Better Health? The Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer Is Your Answer! 

Designed to transform almost any firm vegetable and fruit into delicious spaghetti-like strands or incredibly thin, long vegetable ribbons, the Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer is the indispensable kitchen gadget for every vegetable fan.

Perfect as a kitchen tool to prepare vegetables for healthy culinary pleasures, the Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer conjures up delicious vegetable spirals in almost no time at all. It turns zucchinis, carrots, radishes, beetroots, cucumbers, kohlrabis, potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, apples and many more fruits/vegetables into eye-catchers on every plate, and add plenty of colors and textures to otherwise boring dishes.

No matter whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, or just looking for an easy way to add more vegetables into your diet, the Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer has what you need to make your goal a reality.

When you buy the Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer, you are fully covered by this important guarantee...


When you buy a Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer today you will also get an exlusive collection of 20 healthy, tasty spiral slicer recipes that can be used with your spiralizer right away.

What Makes It Unique

The Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer is perfect for quickly producing long vegetable strands for low carb, healthy vegetable meals.

Cutting veggies into spirals is now as easy as turning a handle. With 4 cutting widths, and the capacity to spiralize bigger vegetables, this is a highly versatile tool for making long noodle-like strands out of most hard vegetables. It also keeps hands protected, and catches the sliced foods in the base container.

Making restaurant-style, professional-looking garnishes, apple chips, curly fries, onion rings, potato nests, elegant salads, vegetable pizza toppings is now possible with the Brieftons InstantVeg Spiral Slicer. It can do all that, and so much more.

* Perfect for making long veg strands for low carb, healthy veg meals quickly
* Turn almost any firm vegetable into fine spaghetti-like strands or incredibly thin, long ribbons
* Make professional-looking garnishes, apple chips, curly fries, onion rings, potato nests, elegant salads, vegetable pizza toppings, and so much more
* Highly versatile thanks to the 4 blade modes for endless veg/fruit creations. The two high quality, ultra sharp stainless steel blades work hand in hand to make this spiral slicer highly efficient at making endless spiral slices
* Vegetables can also be turned into thin, uniform slices, julienne strips by adding cuts prior to slicing
* Minimum vegetable wastage. It leaves only a small vegetable disc in the tines of the turning vegetable holder
* Made from top quality, 100% BPA-free, food-safe, durable reinforced ABS plastic
* Non-electric, ideal for emergencies and camping
* Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Use the included cleaning brush to keep it in tip top condition
* Use the included vegetable container with non-slip base to securely catch the resulting vegetable spirals, or without it to produce spiralized vegetables directly over pots and pans
* Turn the base container into a storage container with the included aroma-protection lid
* Safe to operate with an enclosed cutter. There is no risk of finger injuries
* Compact, easy to disassemble and carried along when traveling
* Works on any surface (as opposed to spiralizers with suction feet that need a flat surface to operate)
* Easy quick-start guide with our demo videos, detailed assembly and operating manuals
* Bonus Brieftons Spiral Slicer Recipe EBook and free ongoing recipe updates

Whether it is making garnishes to turn your dinner platter into a gourmet delight, preparing the most beautiful salads to wow your guests, making a healthy raw food pasta, or giving your family healthy and fresh potato chips, you can do it all.

Order it now and experience the Brieftons difference!

~~Disclaimer: I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~ 

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