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Goddess Rash Guard- Womens Long Sleeve

Goddess Rash Guard- Womens Long Sleeve 

My mom has a sun skin allergy.  It is horrible it makes her skin swell twice as big.  She used to go out in the sun to theme parks so we can have fun.  She would end up swollen and huge.  Water?  That made it worse.  I have grown up and I only have it a tiny bit.  My skin feels like it is burning when I am out in the sun once in a while.  This will stop that.  I do not like sunscreen because it burns my face and other skin.  Now I can have the freedom of being out in the sun without the worry.  I am so happy.

This is a perfect shirt for anything!  I love it very much and am glad I got the chance to try it.  his makes it easier for me to go in the water and not worry that I will be burned.  One year I was out cooking for 1hr and I ended up with third degree burns.  This is like a miracle shirt.

This shirt is made of strong but light fabric.  It works great when exercising because it moves better with your body.  Not only that is has moisture management. 

Product Description

The Secret To Effective Workouts and Advanced Sun Protection!

Goddess Rash Guards Increases Comfort and Performance
This Rash Guard Compression Shirt will Increase workout effectiveness by offering unbelievable Flexibility, Comfort and Moisture Management with our high quality functional materials design. Designed for Athletes and Warriorets of all levels, this workout shirt is an essential Game Changer to your workout routine!

Goddess Rash Guards Are Better!

- Made In USA
- By Athletes For Athletes
- Lightweight & Extra Soft
- UPF 50+ Rating
- Protects Your Entire Arms, Chest and Back From Harmful UV Rays.
- Increases Workout Efficiency
- Spend More Time In The Sun Without Having To Apply Sunscreen
- New and Improved State-Of-The-Art Material
- Specially Priced For A Limited Time
- Moisture Management Performance What Will It Do For You?

- Workout Efficiency
- Conserve Energy During Workouts
- Keeps You Warmer When Used As A Base Layer In Colder Climates
- Protects Your Skin For Harmful UV Rays When In The Sun
- Keeps Your Skin Looking Youthful
- Spend Less Time Putting Sun Screen on Your Arms, Back and Chest

We Know You Will Love It or Your Money Back! Backed By Our Money Back Guarantee!


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