Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kitty Cat Arch Self Groomer with Bag of Catnip Review

Why not 5 stars? only because I did not get the catnip with the product.

This is a great cat toy but at first my cats acted like it was some odd foreign thing that might attack them. It took some time to convince them that it is something for them. My short haired cat acts very afraid of it still. Now my long haired cat who is a Maine coon mix loves it. She is always rubbing against boxes and tables and annoying me. Now she rubs on this and loves it so much. She acts like its her favorite friend and will not leave it alone. Sometimes I swear she thinks things will pet her or she is just trying to make me crazy!

This is a bit more for younger cats but My older cat loves it as a petting post. It is made of rough materials much like old push brooms. It has a carpet base that cats love to scratch. It stands about two feet tall and is made pretty sturdy.

Product Description
For cats Owner only who can take photo or videos with cat

Cat Groomer brushes cat's furr
removes shedding hair while cats are playing
the strong bristles remove loose hair
sturdy base perfect to use as cat scratcher
bag of catnip included , so your cat keep coming back for more

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