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Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts -100% Pure Review

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts -100% Pure Review

I love making my own bath supplies and do it quite frequently. This is a perfect product to do that with. I added a few drops of peppermint and make a tired and ache soak. You can make so many different soaks and help your body pain and ache.

Epsom salt is known for helping and making you feel better. Guess what? Dead Sea salts are even better to me. It makes me feel good when ever my muscles are aching.

What I can make with this is limitless, Add any essential oil and you have your perfect bath. I am going to see how many I can possibly make.

Product Description

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We are looking for Amazon reviews (unbiased, honest reviews) for our most popular product: Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts  - 100% Genuine and Pure

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Product Description:
  • Dead Sea Salts are the Best Bath Salts on The Planet - Much Higher Mineral Concentration than Epsom Salt! with a High Concentration of Minerals which are Essential for Proper Skin Health and Beauty

    Adovia Dead Sea Salt is Fine Grain for Faster Dissolving - Packaged in a Resealable Zip Lock Bag

    Provides relief from Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis symptoms. Formulated with over 26 essential minerals the body needs for natural soothing and relaxation.

    Find Relief from Aches and Pains by Soaking in a Bath full of these Salts. Rejuvenates, exfoliates, and softens while it soothes!

    Contains absolutely zero additives, colors, or scents. Higher Level of Minerals and Relief than Epsom Salts

Disclosure~ ~~ I got a product in exchange for an Honest review.  The opinions expressed are my own and where in now way persuaded to give a good review.  No monetary compensations was received. 

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