Sunday, February 22, 2015

Kitchen Assist Can Opener Review

Kitchen Assist Can Opener Review

I am sure a lot of you like me have been through many of these. You get what you pay for in the stores especially. Either they stop actually opening, rust out, or stop gripping.

When I opened this one I was so excited that it felt heavier than anyone I have bought in the store. It is very have duty feeling. Sometimes just by the feel of things you know they were built well. This is one of those items that you just say that. Now that I have used quite a few times I am finally assured it is a great quality can opener. It also is more than one tool. It is a bottle opener on the end for glass bottles.

Product Description
  • -Makes can opening a breeze not a workout. Heavy duty stainless steel meant for LONG LASTING USAGE and results translating into you SAVING MONEY over time
    -Kitchen Assist is the ultimate assistant in the kitchen that makes your life easier on a everyday bases
    -Large and easy turning lever for the Elderly and Arthritic customers
    -The SAFE, universal, can't go wrong gift for all occasions. Weddings, birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, HOUSE name the occasion this is a can not miss purchase
    -Durable high quality blade that does not skip after normal ware and tear. DOES NOT leave sharp UNSAFE edges. MONEY BACK GUARANTEED if not satisfied. Limited time offer on the sale price shown so go ahead; add the savings to your cart and a life time of satisfaction and happiness to your life

Product Description
Welcome to your last can opener and bottle opener purchase.
◊ Long lasting
◊ Dependable product
◊ Great quality
This is a can opener that ACTUALLY works. 3 in 1 Multi-function
◊ Can opener
◊ Bottle opener
◊ Tab opener
◊ Stylish Stainless Steel perfect for kitchen decorum
◊ Ergonomically designed handle allows easy access to any lid
◊ Cleaning your can opener is no longer a challenge. Its as simple as warm water and soap. Dishwasher friendly so, go ahead and pop it into your washer. Thanks to the STAINLESS STEEL design.

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