Thursday, February 19, 2015

Set of 12 Infuser Tumblers, 20oz Review

Set of 12 Infuser Tumblers, 20oz Review These are crazy good! It is so nice to have this product. They are tall water cups with straws. A little different than the picture but just as nice or even nicer. You get a colored straw for each glass and they fit great. You get 12 double walled water bottles that contain a removable basket for you to place the fruit of your choice.

We opened the box and where so shocked I expected them to be like the cheap ones you buy in a dollar store but thought I would go for it anyway. I was so giggly happy because I had so many and that they where so sturdy and not like anything you get at a discount store. In fact I have bought water bottles on amazon and other places including name department stores that where no where near as this! In fact the only one I can compare it to is the starbucks one that cost 15.00 and this is so much of a better deal.

I tested it and found that the basket causes the perfect amount of fruit in the water to make my water enjoyable to drink.

Me and my son love fruit water but the ones you buy in the store are full of junk you do not want in your water or body. Now with these we have real fruit water and we both noticed with these we actually want more water. We use them for trips, Picnics, trips to the zoo, any fun event. These would be great for a family reunion gifts. I might buy another just to have for family or group events.

Pack of 12 for Extreme Savings
Double-wall Insulation
Made of BPA-Free Acrylic

~~ I got a product in exchange for an Honest review.  The opinions expressed are my own and where in now way persuaded to give a good review.  No monetary compensations was received. 

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