Wednesday, February 11, 2015

SweetColors Organic Face Paint Kit Review

SweetColors makes this face paint kit. It comes with 5 lip gloss sized containers of your primary colors, green, and orange. It comes with a small eye shadow applicator for putting on the the paint.

Our kids loved using this. It is almost gone now in just a couple of weeks but it was loved! From clowns to tigers we tried them all. We even did roses and other pretty things. This was super fun for the kids and it was a great tool for their open ended play.

I did not know this existed.  It is Organic , lead free, dye free, non toxic, wont clog pores.  It is safe for your child and will not poison them to wear it and have fun.  I have to say I am a big fan.   Did you know it is oil based and even recommended by Martha Stewart Magazine. 

It is really safe and is:
Certified Organic Ingredients Used! The Safest Lead-Free, Dye-Free, and Non-Toxic Face Paint in The World!
-No Micronized Minerals (contains nano-particles)
-Won't Clog Pores
-No Coated Minerals
-No Preservatives
-No Talc

-No Synthetic Dyes

-No Parabens

-No Oxychloride (Causes itching, redness, and breakouts)

-No Animal Testing/Cruelty Free

-Made in the USA

-Vegan Friendly

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  1. I always avoid these because they can cause break ours so glad to here there is a better brand


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