Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Complete Survival Camping Gear Kit 6-IN-1 By InYard Review + Giveaway

  • Waterproof adjustable 10L storage luxury backpack with a strap which contains 5 products: Multi-tool credit card with compass, razor blade, tweezers, ruler, toothpick, bottle opener, magnifying glass, AWL, screwdriver
  • Quick dry towel with a bag - big size - Dries up to 10X faster than normal terry cloth towels. Made of 100% microfiber+ waterproof Nylon. Includes mesh carry bag with a Convenient Hanging Loop
  • Magnesium flint fire starter& emergency rescue whistle - Will light up campfires, stoves, fireplaces, grills, signal fires, and high intensity sparks can also be used as emergency signals. The emergency whistle can be used as a sound device to keep the animals away and protect yourself and your loves ones
  • Fork& Spoon& Bottle Opener - multi functional eat n' survival tool Includes three hex wrenches. Equipped with a karabiner for convenient transport
  • Universal 360 degrees wire saw - Chain blade saw comes in belt loop. Made of German stainless steel with highly effective cutting teeth
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I love camping and survival type stuff.  It really is nice to know you can take care of yourself and family when you need too.  That means even in emergencies.  Ok, I agree I watch too much of  "I shouldn't be Alive.".  No I am not going to go crazy and build a bunker and etc but I do want to know if in a emergency while hiking or other things like that I can use these tools to help me and or my family.  I keep an emergency kit in my house for any time we might need it.  I also have 2 4 gallon jugs of water stored in my basement.  I am going to buy some blankets to store down there.  We live in tornado alley so you want to be prepared because you just never know. 

These tools are great.  The bag is waterproof and I tested it under water and it actually repels the water.  The knife is super sharp! I mean really it is sharp.  I barely touched my hand with it and I started bleeding.    It would cut right through anything you need to.  I have tried each tool including the rope saw and it worked.  They are built very sturdy and are thick solid metal.  The knife was sharper than my chef knives.  It cut right through an apple with on stop or resistance.  I am very happy with this set.
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