Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Leaffusion Review

Leaffusion Review 

 These are an ingenious idea.  Not only does this work but it is cute to.  It works like any other tea fusser (like the old metal ones)  but is made out of silicone and works just as well.  I love the top half and the soft handle because the metal ones tend to get too hot to touch where the silicone does not do that.  It flips over your lid and stays out of your tea.  

 I was raised with herbs and I use them quite a bit in drinks and capsules when ever I am not feeling my best.   I mostly drink green teas or herbal teas and this has been a very handy device.  Just steep your tea and your done.  pull it out and set it aside.  

Product Description:
Steep individual servings of loose leaf or herbal tea with an easy-to-use tea infuser that feels good in your hand and looks great in your cup.Loose leaf and herbal teas provide variety, flavor intensity, and health benefits that you simply don't find in pre-packaged teabags.
But a traditional "tea ball" infuser can be flimsy, messy to use, and tough to clean. The LEAFFUSION offers a more elegant solution so you can experience tea at its best.
Proper steeping is essential for a flawless result. Our carefully designed infusion device provides plenty of room for expansion along with gentle agitation to release the full complement of nutrients and anti-oxidants from loose leaf tea.
Specialty and artisan teas should last longer so you get maximum enjoyment from each leaf. With this tea infuser, you can steep leaves a second time to coax out every drop of flavor.
The LEAFFUSION's high-quality, inert, food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free silicone won't interfere with the flavor of your beverage.
Simply add tea leaves, close, and steep in hot water using your favorite teacup or mug. Rest the infuser on the accompanying silicone tray to prevent drips.

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