Thursday, March 12, 2015

Multi Purpose Edge & Corner Guard Review

Multi Purpose Edge & Corner Guard Review 

I thought this would a good thing to try.  It guards corners and sides of your tables so little ones do not get hurt.   Or not so little ones like me.  I have double jointed ankles that are too flexible and tend to move around while I am standing which can cause me to fall.  This is very nice to give us some extra protection because anyone could get hurt at anytime.  I wish I would of had this when my son was a toddler because he jumped off everything and tend to get hurt quite a bit.  This last for a long time because I thought it would be gone by now but actually I still have a little bit left.  It is very soft and when you bump it with your knee or anything it takes some of the sting away that you would normally get when getting hurt. 
Product Description
  • ★ EXTRA LONG WITH MORE TAPE - Covers 17 feet: 15 feet edge cushion + 8 corner cushions; 3 feet longer than other top brands! Includes authentic 3M adhesive double-sided tape: 45 feet of tape for the edge cushion and 32 tape pieces of tape for the 8 corner cushions; EXTRA 15 feet more then you need, so you won't run out during installation!
    ★ THICKER And MORE DENSE - Premium high-density thicker soft cushions absorb impact and protect your loved one from the hard sharp corners and dangerous edges; made from NON TOXIC ECO FRIENDLY CHILD SAFE rubber, ideal for baby proofing your home, daycares, nursing homes, preschools, schools, hospitals, offices, senior facilities and more.
    ★ FITS MULTIPLE USES - fits all standard size tables: round table up to 56" diameter, square table up to 47", square and rectangle table up to 36" x 60"; Ideal on coffee tables, dinner tables, office desks, kitchen countertops, TV cabinets, chests, shelves, stairs, fireplaces, hearths, walls, fish tanks and more.
Available in 4 Stylish Colors:
  • ★ Coffee
    ★ Beige
    ★ Black
    ★ Light Brown

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