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Westminster Wall Clock, London (UK) Edition Review + Giveaway

Westminster Wall Clock, London (UK) Edition Review + Giveaway 

 The Westminster is known for there clocks.  This one is a 20 " large wall clock.  It is a London, UK Edition.  It is so stylish and beautiful that you want to style your room around it.  It is made of a plastic material that seems pretty sturdy.  It is very easy to install.  Sleek and Stylish with a elegant look.

This Clock is absolutely beautiful!  Not to mention Huge!  I am so excited because I am putting this in my office/dinning room.  It is the only place it will fit because of its size!

This clock is 20 inches long.  It has great quartz movement which is the best.  Not to mention is is from the Westminster Clock Company London (UK).  I have heard so many great things about this company that is why I had to try this clock.  It is so beautiful and perfect fit for my office.  It will fit in in with lots of decor.  It is in roman numeral numbers for the face of the clock.  This clock runs on two AA that are not included.


Product Description
Feel like an Interior Decorator with a Westminster Clock

The interior decorator in us wants our home to be welcoming, cozy, and full of charm and character. But that empty space on the wall looms in front of us, reminding us how bland, dull, and so lacking in charm it makes the room feel.

A wall clock can add elegance and style to any room. The Westminster Clock, London (UK) Edition, does that and more. The time can easily be seen from a distance, providing not only ease and comfort but a visually striking display. The Victorian details create a classic, elegant, and warm addition to your d├ęcor.

Each Westminster Clock is crafted with beauty and quality in mind. The face of the clock is glass, and even though the case looks like wood, we craft each clock with a lightweight material and then paint it with a wood finish so it has the appearance of fine wood without the weight. This makes hanging the clock easy with a simple nail and anchor-no need to purchase special hanging devices required for heavy objects.

The "tick" of a noisy clock is often not the kind of ambiance you wish to add to your living space. Fortunately, each Westminster Clock is whisper quiet so although it ticks, it adds the faintest of sounds. Another optimal feature is the size of the clock's beautiful face. With a 20 inch diameter, telling time is easy with this oversized clock (even when you've misplaced your glasses).

How many times have you wondered what to add to your room or that large empty space that nothing seems to fill up well? The Westminster Clock, London (UK) Edition, is your answer to adding beauty, character, and function to an otherwise empty space.

The Only Wall Clock Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee


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