Sunday, March 8, 2015

What I Feel About Life and Advice.

It seems so simple to everyone to be able to tell you what to do.  This is right and this is wrong.  Life is easier like this and that.  Well sometimes times you should act this or that.  It really is never that easy.  Everyone must find out life for themselves and not rely on what others say and do.  What we feel deep down to the core.  What we feel right is not right for everyone just us.  It is kind of like finding yourselves.  Knowing what you your self is capable of is a big step. 

Me personal self.  Yes, I love helping others and seeing others happy.  That is not bad and no I would not jump off a bridge if others did.  I still have my own mind.  It comes from somewhere very deep inside of me.  Just because I like to people please does not make me a ... Well you know the word I am thinking. 

Just something I been thinking of lately and thought I would write about it.  Oh yeah! and my paintings I thought I would share!  Hope you like them. 

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Joanne Smith
Joanne Smith

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