Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cleo BoostaChews Review

Cleo BoostaChews Review

These are chopped full of good stuff and vitamins. The real test was with my baby girl.. She is beyond picky and can tell vitamins a mile a way and she will not take them. She avoids me so I do not give her one. These past the test. She ate it and acted like it was so delicious.

They make me feel good that I can finally get her to take her vitamins. I am so happy!

I love products like this that put our dogs health first.  

Product Description
This Nutritional Supplements for Dogs product is being sold on Amazon and our website

Cleo BoostaChews the All-in-one Complete Dietary Vitamins and Minerals Chews to Enhance Overall Wellness of Canines

  • BEST HOLISTIC DOG HEALTH SUPPLEMENT: A PREMIUM complete all-in-one canine dietary nutritional supplement to boost your dog's overall general health, energy and stamina making for a happy, healthy and active dog

    A Small Bite That 'PACKS A PUNCH"! FULL POTENCY chewable nuggets of multi-vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants (cold processed to maximize active ingredients) to maintain a healthy immune and digestive system as well as essential fatty acids to promote healthy skin and coat - resulting in less shedding, itching and scratching: Making your dog healthy INSIDE AND OUT

    Especially FORMULATED to be suitable for dogs with allergies or sensitive digestive systems: beneficial for dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes for increased energy and breeding performance

    RICH IN LECITHIN, antioxidants and omega fatty acids to help your dog emulsify and absorb fats, improve the condition of its coat and digestion, lower cholesterol, aid the nervous, digestive and immune system, boost liver function and protect against the development of diabetes.

    The complete veterinarian tested supplement to enhance your dog's health. Small, soft nugget chews that can be given to your dog as a treat. Made in the USA with natural ingredients - 1 lb Tub (Approx 200 nuggets).

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