Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Film Stickers for Fuji Mini @Sticky Shoot Review

Film Stickers for Fuji Mini @Sticky Shoot Review

 These are perfect for crafters and collage book makers.  These stick around the picture and make an adorable decoration for your book.

I make things all the time and these will come in handy.  The are sturdy made and will hold up your picture and make it very cute and stylish too.  Even if you do not have the crafting bug these would make you want to use.  The are made for the polaroid instant cameras 7-300.  You get a money back guarantee which is great if they do not work with your photos.  Thees are so cool and I am making a new scrapbook with all the photos.  We think these are a great product and recommend these for any polaroid user.

Product Description
Make Your Picture More Fun and Colorful with Instax Film Frame Stickers @Sticky Shoot
Sticky Shoot stickers are going to change your perception of Instax pictures as soon as you get them. 80 extraordinary colorfully designed stickers will decorate not only your pictures but the interior of the surrounding environment as well. Henceforth, any moment will be accentuated with playful Sticky Shoot design, while simple three step appliance will spare your valuable time. Use each sticker for notes and don't forget exact day, time, place and occasion where best emotion were taken.

The True Benefits and Features Of Sticky Shoot Frame Stickers
- 80 Different designs
- Stickers perfectly fit for your Instx photo Film
- Colored, well designed and fun decoration for your Instax photos
- Much cheaper price than of pre-designed Instax Films
- One-day shipping
- Easy to use, only three step appliance function (instruction is added in the box)
- Extraordinary and fun accessory for picture decoration
- Can be used for occasional notes and messages
- Approved by Instax photographers

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