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GForce GF-P1208-580 Professional Stainless Steel Stand Mixer- 2 Qt./ 4 Qt.

GForce GF-P1208-580 Professional Stainless Steel Stand Mixer- 2 Qt./ 4 Qt.


This mixer is so nice. I never thought I would love another mixer like my kitchen aid but I found out I was wrong. This comes with 2 bowls one 2qt and one 4qt. The mixer is Stainless steel and so are the bowls and attachments. This really is an unlimited in one mixer.

It has a electronic kitchen scale on the bottom that you press eject to use and turn it on. It takes 3 AAA batteries that are included. Then simply place the food in the included bowl on the scale. It will read out the weight of the dough or what your making. When done simply push back in and turn off.

It has two places for your stainless steel bowls to sit. Also unlike my Kitchen Aid it has two places to attach your beaters, hooks, or wisk. It also comes with a spatula and those always come in handy.

It stores the cord/cable inside the device. You pull to plug in and it has a retract button to pull it back.

This mixer goes super fast I mean real restaurant or higher quality fast. I only had it so far up and it was spinning everywhere! I had to scrap my initial video due to this reason. Now I have been using it for nearly every meal. That is without push the turbo button.. OHHH yeah there is a turbo button! I think it goes to warp speed or something like that.

My body has tons of health issues and it is hard for me to make everything from scratch any more. It is too much strain on my hip and lower back. I am on pain killers but they do not help much. This makes it so much easier since I only do minimal work and let it do the rest. So I can cook my original recipes without too my strain and pain.

The hooks were perfect to make pizza dough and dessert empanada dough. I made apple empanadas and they where sooo good. I also used this to mix my apple filling with cinnamon and sugar. Every thing seems easier with this machine.

I see why this is a professional because as a former chef in a black tie ocean front restaurant we never had any thing this nice. This would of helped out so much. We did things the old fashioned way. This would of saved time and money.

Gforce is a great company from Latin America and they are bringing their great products on Amazon to us in the USA.

~~Disclaimer~~ I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~

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