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Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator Review

Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator Revie

Great wine aerator that you can select how much air you want to introduce into your wine. It is very easy to use and made well. It is made very sturdy and works good.  It has triple aerator process that makes sure you get the most flavor out of your wine. 

Just turn the selector to the number you want and then put it over a class. Then pour the wine into the device and it bubbles up and goes into your glass. Next Drink!

To me when you aerate wine it gets stronger, It seems to make it relax you faster so you do not need to drink much. It also gives it a much more bolder taste or flavor. It works and is a very nice product.  It is made of hard plastic and has a cute bag so you can take it with you.  It is a great product to have. 

Product Description
Product Description
Your search for the perfect Wine Aerator is finally over. When you purchase Sommelier's Preference Wine Aerator.Forget Waiting For Wine To Breath.You Will Now Be Getting The Best From Your Wine In SecondsThe Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator benefits from simply the best design available Today-No fiddly side vents to block up
-Superbly Packaged-No neck leaking or fitting problems found with pourer-style aerators
Our Multi-stage Aeration Process outshines all single Stage unitsSommeliers Preferences globally patented multi-stage apparatus aerates the wine with total efficiency as the wine is poured. You can now experience even grater depth and rang of interesting flavours whilst aerating your wine, one glass at a />Our unique design Oxygenates the wine in 3 stages:1st the umbrella shaped spray plate splays out the wine.Now the mixture is separated further via a 32 hole Drizzle Plate.Finally air drawn from the top of the unit is infused into the mixture prior to delivery to the glass.Our multi-stage aeration process allows thorough and efficient oxygenation of the wineTannins which give wine the bitter taste associated with un-aerated wines are softened and dissipated. Thus giving a much smoother drinking experience.
Sommeliers Preference aerator provides a perfectly balanced finish while accentuating the aromas and flavour of the wine every time!
Package Includes:
- Sommeliers Preference Wine Aerator.
- A superb, easy-fit aerator stand- Elegant High Class Gift Box
- Velveteen Transportation Bag
- Instruction Booklet.
- Online Bonus ?
LIFE TIME Complete Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee!

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