Sunday, May 3, 2015

Car Seat Cushion - Ergonomic Three-Layer Technology

Car Seat Cushion - Ergonomic Three-Layer Technology

This seat cushion is very nice.  It is very comfortable and helps my hip not hurt as bad when I sit.  My hips are weird.  One side hurts when I stand and the other side when I sit.  No way to win that war.. unless I lay on my stomach?  Nope can not do that either I have too much scar tissue from two hernia surgeries.  This cushion is soft and holds up well.  It is very supportive and soft at the same time.

Triple layered for extra support.  This seat cushion also stays cool to the touch even after you been sitting a while.  It has a cut out or wedge where you tailbone would go so that it does not cause discomfort for you while sitting.  It is  2.5" high and made of a 3d mesh.  This product is removable and it will not even get warm in the sun and heat.  It carries a one year warranty and a 100% percent money back guarantee.  These are made by the same process a Rolls Royce is made with.

Overall I think it is a good product and it really does my hip issues.

Product Description
High-Density "Clever Foam" and Memory Foam for Comfort on Long Journeys.

Breathable 3D Mesh Fabric.

Support Posture with FIRM Orthopedic Wedge.

Ergonomic Coccyx Cutout. Perfect for any Car or Truck and can be used in Bucket Seats.

Grey with Black Sides. (Size: 17.5" x 15" x 2.5").

Driving Comfort Cushion By Clever Yellow.

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