Sunday, May 17, 2015

Chefcoo™ Kitchen Gadgets Cooking Tools Set Review

Chefcoo™ Kitchen Gadgets Cooking Tools Set Review

This set is very nice and well made.  I was so surprised when I got this and noticed quickly it was not the traditional tool set.   This has graters, pizza cutter, can opener, peeler and more. It is very heat resistant and anti-dust.  No dust will collect on these! That is amazing... Only if everything was that way! Right.. !  Non-stick and much more not to mention heavy duty.  The grater works perfect for zest or cheese.  The peeler is sharp and peels potatoes easily.

Overall, I am very happy with this set and think it is extremely handy. 

Product Description
Have you moved into a new home and are in need of a complete set of new kitchenware? Do you want a new set of kitchenware, including everything you'll need without the cost and time of purchasing everything, bit by bit? If so, a kitchenware gadget set is perfect for you.

✔ The Chefcoo Kitchen Gadgets Set is manufactured from 100% food grade tasteless nontoxic stainless steel.
✔ Anti-dust for safe use.
✔ The set is heat resistant up to 410°F and engineered to cool quickly and safely.
✔ Non-stick for easy cleaning.
✔ Attractive, round stand for easy access.
✔ Utensil has a curved, ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.

✔ Decorated with a fashion design that will easily blend with a range of surroundings.  

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