Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Martha Clyne Year Round Down Comforter Full/Queen Review

Martha Clyne Year Round Down Comforter Full/Queen Review

This comforter is Amazingly soft and comfortable it feels soooooo..  comfortable.  It really feels soft to the touch and has that bounce back that makes it like a pillow.  The material is sturdy and well stitched.  Everyone wants  my new comforter and my son wants to steal it.  It really is that nice.  The only thing is I wish I could of picked a color instead of white but hey white goes with everything! It fits to my queen perfectly!  Now I need 3 more. :)  It is a great, soft, comfy, and more comforter. 

Product Description
Not too heavy yet luxuriously warm and soft, the Martha Clyne Year Round Down Alternative Comforter provides the perfect layer 365 days a year. Plus, there's no goose down to trigger allergies.
Microfiber Fill for an Allergy-Safe Alternative to Down

Many people are allergic to goose down, and suffer with sneezing, coughing or headaches after sleeping with a down comforter or pillow. Here's the solution: a poly microfiber fill that has the same fluffiness and body heat-retaining properties as down but without the drawbacks.
Ultra-Soft Microfiber Cover

Poly microfiber is a super-fine thread that allows for an extremely tight fabric weave so there's no possibility of the fill poking through, even after long use. The resulting fabric is also as soft to the touch as silk, a luxurious addition to your bed.
77 oz. of Fill for All Season Comfort

If you like to keep the same comforter on your bed throughout the year, choose a medium weight fill like this one. It's substantial enough to keep you cozy in fall and winter, but won't stifle you during spring and summer.
Box Stitching Prevents Shifting

No worries about all the fill sliding down to the edges. The Martha Clyne Year Round Down Alternative Comforter's quilted box pattern stops that from happening by securing even amounts of fill in each compartment.
Easy Care

The Martha Clyne Year Round Down Alternative Comforter is machine washer and dryer safe. Please follow the care instructions that come with it for best results.

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