Wednesday, May 20, 2015

U-Bend Review

U-Bend Review

This is really great for working out when stuck in a chair. If your like me and stuck with so much pain you can barely move. I need to stretch my back and shoulders out because they prone to spasms and pain. This makes it so much easier to do simple workouts that do not over do it or strain myself.

This is made out of a some kind of stretchy silicone that expands but retains it shape. The handles on each side make for great grips to pull and stretch in yoga or just physical therapy like I am in currently. The color is gel green and it is very squishy material that is very comfortable to hold and squeeze.

I have certain stretches I have to do in physical therapy and this allows me to do them with a little resistance and helps me to improve my muscle ease and pain. Overall I think this a quite handy device that really is nice to have to do simple but very necessary stretches and workouts.

Product Description
UBend® is your little helper to relieve stress, exercise your muscles and brain, and get your children occupied. It is very small and can fit in your pocket. UBend® is manufactured using Environment Friendly Premium Quality Silicone. Feel stress in your office? Simple grab UBend®, it will get your focus back and calm your mind. Low impact activities like bending also relieves stress through the easy twisting and turning motions. You can even give yourself, your family or friends a massage. Just softly swing UBend®, tap on the body and enjoy pleasurable feeling.
For stress removal purposes 
Simply put UBend® in the palm of your hand. Let your imagination create various ways to play with it: tangle, twist, turn, swing. Let all your stress go away.

For exercise
Use UBend® to increase your fitness abilities with ease. From workout DVD's to doctor recommended stretches, Ubend® is a must. Easy to carry or take on trips.

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