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Cool New North American Product Inflatable Bathtub Review

Cool New North American Product Inflatable Bathtub Review 

 I think this is a very nice invention!  Are the the camper that loves to be outdoors?  You can take a bath in your tent!  Maybe you have health issues and can not move from room to room?  Or even a caregiver for a disabled or handicapped individual.  This is such a handy device because you can easily blow it up and use it for your needs.   I think this is a very good for many reasons.  

My son loves it.  He hopped right into his swim trunks when I set it up in the living room.  He was watching tv and soaking in the tub on a very hot day.  He loved it and I think it is pretty cool myself.  Some days I am disabled to where I can not even move.  This is perfect for when I have my surgeries and can finally a bath.  I can not make it very far out of bed and this will be a lifesaver for me.  

Overall I think it is a 4.8 stars out of 5!  


  • BATHE ANYWHERE - Fill up this portable InTime inflatable brand bath tub and place it anywhere in your house, condo or apartment and get the bath you've longed for. Take it with you wherever you're camping or out to the cabin and feel fresh once a day. Nurses and aids love the safety this tub provides patients, seniors who have trouble going upstairs for a bath, disabled family members or those with injury recovering from surgery. (See our reviews below!) Athletes and trainers use this portable tub after games for immediate ice bath therapy to rejuvenate tired legs before travel too... Loved by apartment renters who only have a stand up shower stall, this tub will allow you to take that bath you've longed for, and best of all you can pack it away nice and neat and store it in your closet or beneath the bathroom sink. Kids and children jump up and down with excitement as this tub blows up in the back yard as their child size swimming pool blows up, and mothers with a baby or toddlers love that they can take a bath together like they've always wanted...
  • ACCESSORIES : THE COMPLETE KIT YOU'LL ONLY FIND HERE - your Quik Solve (TM) bath bundle not only includes the high quality inflatible bathtub, but also an EXTRA LONG, 4 FOOT ACCORDIAN DRAIN HOSE with special coupler for the tub drain. Draining water will be a breze with this hose that is longer than any competitors AND its according design means it packs away small. You'll also get a LIGHTNING FAST ELECTRIC PUMP by Coghlan's ("the outdoor accessory people") to blow this tub up faster than any other method out there. This electric pump is tested and approved for use in America by UL - it's built to last and it is safe. You'll blow up your tub faster than any other product. It has three attachments, so you can blow up your tub via large air holes in 9 seconds per chamber (AND if has the typical needle you need for every other household inflatable device). You also get the standard PILLOW seat cushion - sit on this pillow and feel like you're floating in a hot tub or use it as an extra backrest of back support. (Clever moms and caregivers love to use it as a kneeling pad while washing too.) Pack away the accessories in our quick drying Quik Solve (TM) branded bath net so they dry out and stay together in storage...
  • QUICK & EASY TO INFLATE, DEFLATE & STORE - In just seconds you can have this tub blown up with Coghlan's ELECTRIC PUMP, faster than others and approved in America. The "3 stack" design of this tub makes it a snap to blow up, and the extra large drain holes at the back make it even quicker to deflate. To drain the water, simply pull the plug in the bottom corner and this tub will drain out easily into your shower or sink with it's natural water pressure. Our extra long drain hose ensures that the water goes down the drain and not on your floor too! You can roll up this tub to fit in a gym bag to save space. (Think of how little space an inflatable air mattress takes up in storage.) This tub is an amazing space saver...
  • RELAX IN COMFORT AND GET THE BATH YOU DESERVE - The chair design of this tub allows you to lean back and become absorbed by the tub's soft walls instead of the hard plastic liner of a porcelain or plastic tub. ZIP UP the cover and stay warm longer as the soothing heat soaks into your muscles like a spa. Pour a glass of your favorite beverage and place it in the cup holder while your favorite book, a TV remote, or laptop playing movies rests on top of the closed cover. You could even place this tub in front of the TV if you wanted. Make your bathing an experience - the LUXURY of taking a bath is now yours wherever, whenever you want it in only a matter of minutes when you buy this tub...
  • ELIGIBLE TO SHIP TO YOUR DOOR with the QUICKEST SHIPPING possible from Amazon's FBA Warehouse in AMERICA. Amazon Prime eligible product that will get to you quicker than any others. Don't wait weeks for your tub to arrive! Get it as quick as you like when you order from Amazon FBA. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE with Amazon's complete A-to-Z, no questions asked, money-back satisfaction guarantee and our LEAK PROOF GUARANTEE. These tubs undergo a 24 hour leak test at the factory. They must hold air for 24 hours or we just won't sell them. AND, if you're uncertain if this tub will fit in your apartment, you can always return it for a full and complete refund after it arrives - test it out in your home, and if it doesn't fit, return it. No questions asked. ORDER NOW and bathe in luxury before for next bath...


~Disclaimer~~ I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~

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