Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Doggy Dom's Safe D-Lite lighted dog collar

Doggy Dom's Safe D-Lite lighted dog collar

So we tried this for our dog and it seems like she is showing it off.  We put it on here for almost every walk and she loves it.  It is bright and beautiful and you can see it great at night.  I feel so much better knowing my baby girl has this on her so cars have more chance to see her. 

Overall, we like it very much!

Keep you and your furry friend safe with Doggy Dom's Safe D-Lite. Taking your pup out on a walk shouldn't be a frightening and anxiety filled experience. Whether its bright or dark outside, stroll with confidence knowing that you and your pooch are safe when using Doggy Dom's Safe D-Lite Collar. In the day, your Doggy Dom's Safe D-Lite Collar is as an unassuming dog collar. Brightly colored and made of tough nylon to give you peace of mind so you can think of more important things like chew toys and doggy treats. When it gets dark, Doggy Dom's Safe D-Lite becomes a superhero. Thanks to the bright fiber optic LED light strip sewn into the collar, you won't have to worry about vehicles not seeing you. if your dog is a runner, you will be able to see Spot from a distance as he roams the night. Sizing chart: -13.5" - 18" diameter: 13.5" - 18" diameter -15" - 21" diameter: 15" - 21" diameter -X-15" - 21" diameter: 20" - 28" diameter

-Sizes are smaller than usual so please MEASURE YOUR PET before ordering
-LED lights can be turned on or off for daytime or nighttime use. 3 modes - fast blink, slow blink and constantly on.
-User replaceable battery - batteries included.
-Tough nylon, steel rings and rugged buckle for security.
-Bright LED bulb & fiber optics. LED bulbs last a long time & don't get very hot, so they do not cause discomfort.

~~Disclaimer~~ I am a blogger and  I was sent a complimentary
product in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are Only my own.~~

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