Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mega Fun 93628 Marble Fun Run 105pc Set, 30 Marble.

Mega Fun 93628 Marble Fun Run 105pc Set, 30 Marble

Most kid love to play with marbles and even more watching them swirl and drop to the bottom. My son gets fixated on watching each marble make its way to the bottom of the tracks. One by one he releases them and is amazed each time.

This helps with children's problem solving skills and fine motor skills. Oh and do not forget investigating skills help get fined tuned.

This set is sturdy 105pc set that comes with a pack of 30 marbles. You can set it up many different ways and limited only by your imagination. It is a great play toy for younger children but not under 3 hence the marbles would be a choking hazard. The marbles are solid color marbles. The tracks are multi colors and different shapes. The tracks are sturdy built and the only con I could find was the instructions could of been better but to me that has nothing to do with the toy and fun levels so I rate it a 5 star!

We thoroughly enjoyed this set and we just got through playing with it again.

Product Description
  • 75 bright colored pieces, 30 Mega Marbles
    Dozens of variations that allows for hours of creative play
    Includes instructions
    Helps develop spacial skills and hand-eye coordination through building
    Marble runs are a true and tested toy that allows for creative play as children and adults create their own marble run maze. The colorful pieces help stimulate the brain as kids use their creativity to create endless designs. This type of building helps develop spacial skills and problem solving. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun creative play with this Marble Fun Run.

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