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We think this taste great and it works.  This is a great product and we highly reccomend it.

It is full of lots vitamins, oxydents, non-gmo, no sugar, and it has crazy amount of health benefits.  We used them all and will have to get more!  My son likes them a lot and he does not like sport drinks.

Overall, it really is a good product so far. 

Product Description
For The Natural Athlete

  • Promotes sustained energy & stamina during exertion†
    Inhibits fatigue & muscle breakdown†
    Reduces time & energy needed for recovery†
    Enhances muscle strength & muscle repair†
    Replenishes glycogen/energy stores & electrolytes†
    Supports metabolism & weight management†
  • Amino Acids
    Science-backed ingredients of superior quality
    Well-known sports nutrients with cutting edge ingredients you can’t find anywhere else!
    Great-tasting Blueberry Burst flavor
    No sugar or calories! Sweetened with pure stevia
    No gluten, dairy, soy, caffeine, anything artificial
Recommended for People who:
  • Are athletes, sports enthusiasts, or live an active lifestyle
    Want a natural boost for energy, stamina, and recovery
    Are looking to get the most out of their workouts
    Want to exercise harder and longer without fatigue
    Are looking to reduce recovery time
    Want an all-in-one solution for pre-, during, and post-workout support

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