Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Adorama Pix- Review

AdoramaPix let me try a free product so I can review it and tell all my friends about it.  Thank you and I want to be straight that no monetary compensation was received from this review. 
The Adorama site is a great place to go and upload lots of great pics and turn them into your own work of art.  Who does not love having a book of photos of their children through the years?  I can never have enough.  Yes I am a hoarder of my sons photos and proud of it.  
The website was very simple and easy to use.  It does not take very long for me to start adding way too many photos.  I selected the leather bound book in large size.  I even chose the told Gold Text for the front of the book.   Then I chose if you want a preselected look or make your own.  I always make my own but not seeing back it might of saved alot of time.  

Check out Adorama Pix here

The pages are Glossy and very well built (thicker pages).  I love the stamps and wording you could add made it that more fun and special.  My child is my heart and I love having this precious reminders of the fun we had through the years.  

This is a perfect family Gift Idea. 

Overall, its a great product for a good price.  With the leather binding and gold etching it got a bit pricey for me but we are really low income. If I had the money I would definatly get everyone in my family one.. 

These are some of the pages I made and selected...Tell me what you think! I love your Ideas and talking with you all. ..

First Day of School. 
At the Zoo
Just being Goofy!
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  1. Totally worth viewing this blog. I didn’t expect such an extra ordinary blog and overall describing pattern. Amazed at such great amount of work and effort. Thanks. Keep sharing more.

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate it. Love Joanne


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