Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Edward&Sons review

Edward & Sons started in 1978. They are a Vegetarian Company that includes the following brands Edward & Sons™, Premier Japan®, Let’s Do…Organic ®, Native Forest ®, The Wizard’s™, Road’s End Organics®.  
They cater to all.  They have Gluten free, Organic, Vegan, Non GMO.  Their motto is  Convenience Without Compromise” ™."

They sale anything from Miso soup to Canned fruits and Coconut Milk.  (Veggies to Candy.) With such a large assortment its hard to go wrong.

Another one of my instant favorites is their Miso Cup which is Freeze Dried soup.  It has a 2 packets for the soup and all you do is add it to water.  You get 3 servings in the package.  If you like Miso you know what it consist of.  If you do not know Miso its a sea salt, soy, seaweed mix.  Its very delicious and easy on the pocketbook.  

(quoted from site) "Miso (pronounced meĆ©-so) is one of Asia’s most important foods. The ancient Chinese first discovered this remarkable delicacy and prized it for its great taste and nutritional benefits. Originally reserved exclusively for nobility, miso was later shared more widely and became a valued staple in kitchens throughout the Orient for over two thousand years."  

I have also been a long time fan of their Edward & Sons Natural Bouillon Cubes.

I use them in soups or Mashed potatoes.  They taste great and Vegan and Healthy.  

I was offered several products to try.  One of my favorite right off was the coconut milk.  I am a big fan of coconut milk because its a refresher and a rehydrator.  All the products I been privileged to try have been more than tasty.  Which again is a shock for me because of so many brands I have been less than satisfied with.

Need can fruit when Fresh goes bad on you all the time?  Then you need their selection of nutritious Canned fruit that comes in many kinds.

In the end I am a huge fan of every product I have tried in their product line.  Next I would reallly love to try their canned Mangosteen (hint!) :)  When you need Health and fast this is a great product line for you.  With so much selection and descent prices makes a win win for me.

Have you tried their products?  Let me know what you think.

**I recieved no monetary compensation for my review.  Its just my honest opinion and was not wavered by the free products.

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