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Zhena's Gypsy Tea Review

Zhena's Gypsy Tea is a Fair Trade Company.  Which makes it a really good company in my book.  Their teas come from Organic Fair Trade gardens only.  Zhena really knows her stuff as a former Aromatherapist.  The story behind the start of zhena's is a sad story. A little about the company from their site "
A Business Born of Courage

In 2000, Zhena was faced with the most difficult challenge of her life when her son, Sage, was born with a severe birth defect. Barely making ends meet, and with no health insurance to cover Sage’s mounting medical costs, Zhena was determined to earn the income necessary to support the needs of her son and finance the several surgeries to insure Sage’s survival.. With her degree in aromatherapy, love of tea and a small collection of money from friends and family, Zhena embraced her Ukrainian Gypsy ancestry and began peddling her teas out of a cart on California street corners. Believing that selling her tins of tea could alter fate, Zhena became a purveyor of hope and the founder of Gypsy Tea. Today Sage is a healthy, energetic boy and the company is an Award Winning Brand delighting consumers around the globe. 

As a mom of a son who also has problems I really can relate.  This made me really interested in the brand.  

More about zhena's gypsy tea
"Where is Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Located?

Nestled in the picturesque Los Padres Mountains, inland from the Pacific coast, the city of Ojai, California is an easy 90 minute drive north of Los Angeles or a 45 minute drive south-west of Santa Barbara and has a total area of 4.4 square miles with a population of 8,000. Reflecting Southern California’s relaxed and friendly personality, Ojai is a low-key hideaway, widely known for being an active art community, spa retreat and spiritual sanctuary, attracting an eclectic mix of artists, spiritual gurus, health devotees, entrepreneurs, Hollywood actors and executives.

Are All the Ingredients in Zhena’s Gypsy Tea Natural? 

We at Zhena’s Gypsy Tea offer only the purest, most natural teas. All of our hand-blended teas and infusions integrate only the finest, highest grade, natural essential oils of fruits and flowers. A masterful orchestration of botanical b
enefits, our products are made fresh with expertly blended organic leaves, herbs, fruits, healthful flowers, spices and essential oils that delivers the sipper a true and tasty steep that is full of flavor and character.. All the ingredients are certified GMO and allergen free, and are 100% natural and do not contain petrochemicals, dyes, artificial fragrances or preservatives. We are uncompromising in these principles and do not offer products unless they meet these rigorous standards. "

Yes,  I drink a lot of coffee but I really love my tea too.  Tea which is less caffeinated and usually is slower to enter your bloodstream.  Coffee sometimes get blah and you really need something different.  Those are my tea times.  My tea times are my me times where as my coffee times are just to wake me up. 

A good company with a good story with tasty products. Another great find by me.. hehe. ok, they where found way before me but I love them. 

They have many flavors that are first class taste.  Their teas can really invigorate you and some are so calming I fall asleep within an hour of drinking them.  They are smooth but robust.  All the flavor you would expect out of a top grade Company.  My favorite are Lavender, Pomegranate, Dragon.  What are yours?  Here is a a pic of there enormous selection. 

All Quotes are taken from the about section on the companies site.  

**I recieved no monetary compensation for my review.  Its just my honest opinion and was not wavered by the free products.

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